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Shane English School is one of the largest and most respected British-owned EFL chains in the world. A major leader in the English Education industry, Shane English has always prided itself on its commitment to innovation in education and providing the highest quality English courses to its students. With hundreds of locations worldwide, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Poland and the United Kingdom, it's not difficult to see why Shane English has had more than a quarter century of success.

Starting out teaching English classes in his kitchen in Japan in 1977, Shane Lipscombe, the founder of Shane English School, built his company from modest beginnings. It wasn't long before people noticed the quality of his lessons, so Shane established his first school two years later in Ebisu, Japan. This one school expanded to include over 200 locations in Japan alone. Obviously, this sort of growth required more teachers, so in 1989, Saxoncourt Recruiting was established to train and recruit the highest quality English teachers. To read more about teacher training and recruitment, please visit the Teacher Training & Recruitment page.

With a successful English school chain in Japan, Shane English Schools decided it was time to establish a study abroad program. In July of 1992, the first summer camp, sponsored by the newly established Shane English School (now known as Shane Global Language Centre)on South Molton Street in London's West End, was held. This was an exciting decade as Shane English School also expanded into Taiwan and China and received a Coat of Arms from the 'Heraldic Household of the Queen' for its contribution to the English language- the first time an English school received such an honour.

After the millennium, Shane English School established schools in Warsaw, Poland, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Singapore. With more locations established each year, Shane English School continues to prove itself to be the premier English language school in the EFL market.

Today, Shane English School prides itself on its excellence in course and curriculum development, teacher training, professional approach and the care and support it provides its students. Shane English Schools employs compassionate educators and committed staff members that are passionate about education.

مدرسة شاين انجلش سكول هي المدرسة الجزائرية الاولى المتخصصة في تعليم اللغة الانجليزية في الجزائر

عنوان المدرسة : طريق المويز ابن باديس الجزائر العاصمة
14, Chemin El Mouiz Ibn Badis ex Poirson - Alger

Tél./Fax : +213 (21) 92 17 94
Mobile : +213 (661) 47 88 00

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shane english school شاين انغلش سكول الجزائر

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